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Kingsly Asante
Managing Director
Techcom Visions Ltd.

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Mike Thomson
Time Company Inc.

Welcome to Cosmopolitan Health Insurance!

Cosmopolitan Health Insurance (CHI) is a limited liability company which operates for the benefit of its members.  CHI is a Private Commercial Health Insurance Scheme and operates per Act 852 of the National Health Insurance Law (2003).

The company is indigenously owned and started operations in 2014 as a health insurance company with the aim of providing excellent and professional customer service to its clients.

Cosmopolitan Health Insurance has over four hundred (400) accredited Health Service Providers (HSPs) across the country to provide comprehensive healthcare for all its insured members. There are various product options specially designed to cater for all categories of businesses and levels of employees including individual and family packages.

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Management Team

Our management teams are experience in disciplines including medicine, health services management, finance, economics, investment, fund management and administration.


Benefit Packages

CMHI provides all-inclusive benefit packages to its scheme members. These include consultation, medication, laboratory, investigations, medical and surgical procedures, optical and dental services.



Membership is open to persons, corporate bodies, organizations or any group of people. It is also open to dependants of the individual applying for membership.